Saturday, 4 May 2013

Dwarven Forgery

Lewis came to me with this Kickstarter: Dwarven Forge's Game Tiles: Revolutionary Miniature Terrain

I said it looked great but since we live in New Zealand, it would cost a ton to get it here... hey, let's just make our own! The result?


The one page plan, hand drawn by Lewis.

The 'Dwarven Workshop' (thanks Dennis)!

Block stacking.

Strips of card applied with PVA glue.

Modular design allows varied dungeon layout. 

Sections are spray painted black...

...and dry brushed grey!

Dungeon delvers encounter an Ogre!

Each piece can be arranged quickly to suit requirements.

DWARVEN FORGERY™ terrain is superb for laying out dungeons like the ones I used to map in the 80's, playing computer games like Wizardry and A Bard's Tale. This will certainly get a lot of use in our current old school Dungeons and Dragons infinite game.

Now, I just want to add that the original Dwarven Forge has been making quality gaming terrain for 17 years and I love what they do. Their Kickstarter (with a $50,000 goal) had 5,398 backers and they by far exceeded expectations by raising $1,908,155. Good on them!

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